Karen Howell, MA-LPMT, NMT, MT-BC

Music Therapy

Brass & Piano

Karen Howell is a southeast Georgia native who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Brevard College as well as a Master of Arts in Psychology from Stony Brook University. She earned her Music Therapy degree from Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana.

As a classically trained trumpeter, Karen studied under the direction of the internationally established trumpeter Larry B. Black. In addition to playing and teaching trumpet, she is fluent in playing and teaching all brass instruments. Karen is also skilled at teaching piano.

Karen is a Certified Neurologic Music Therapist. This masters level certification has built upon her experiences working in neurodevelopmental treatment centers and her thorough knowledge of psychiatric, developmental, and neurological disorders. Karen incorporates psychology in her lessons by focusing on the mental aspects of becoming a successful musician.


When she isn't practicing her multiple brass instruments, Karen is expertly stowing them ALL in her Mini Cooper. She likes to relax by watching "Survivor" with her cat Jasmine and one-eyed cockatiel Roxy. Karen believes a well-balanced life is one where she experiences live music every weekend.