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Shea Cremer Zaccaro

Mrs. Shea joined AMS in 2019 to teach piano and voice. She started playing piano when she was just 5 years old, and now has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts.

Growing up, Mrs. Shea’s favorite teacher was Mrs. Wilson, who instilled a love of music and taught Mrs. Shea for over 8 years. Her own teaching experience includes piano at Summit Studios in Manchester, CT, piano at Eastern Connecticut State University, and theater at the University of Connecticut.

Mrs. Shea can prepare you to play sing and play classical music as well as theater. She toured the U.S. and Canada with American Family Theater as an actress, then played piano in countless musical theater productions.

She enjoys family vacations in the mountains with her husband and three artistically talented daughters.

Ms. Shea’s advice for young musicians:

“Enjoy the time you spend making music. Even practicing! Don’t think of it as a chore but as a chance to spend time making music. It’s all in the mindset.”

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