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Makayla Cauley

Ms. Makayla joined AMS in 2022 to teach clarinet and Piano Friends. She started playing clarinet in the Hilliard Middle-Senior School Band and has not stopped for 16 years!

She completed her Bachelors of Music Education at Jacksonville University and now teaches music at Wildlight Elementary School.

In college, Ms. Makayla studied under Artie Clifton and Patrick Graham with the Jacksonville Symphony as well as Christopher Creswell.

Professionally she performs with the Jacksonville University Orchestra, First Coast Wind Symphony and Jacksonville University Wind Ensemble. 

When she isn't practicing or traveling to new states, Ms. Makayla is caring for her four dogs and four horses!

Ms. Makayla's advice for young musicians:

"Take as much care and energy in your warm-up routine as you would preparing a solo."

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