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Mariel Brewster

Voice & Piano

Mariel is a professor of Alexander Technique at the University of Florida School of Theater and Dance where she works with undergraduate and graduate students.


She is a  graduate of the Alexander Technique Training Center in Newton, MA where she earned a three-year American Society of Alexander Technique (AmSAT) certificate and finished a 2-year post-graduate study at ATTC. She studied under master teachers Ruth Kilroy and Rivka Cohen, both of whom studied with Patrick MacDonald, a student of F.M. Alexander himself. 

Mariel came to the Alexander Technique as a vocalist who had lost her ability to sing due to misuse of the body. The Alexander Technique restored her ability to sing and has given her renewed energy, release from tension in the body, and the tools to change negative mental and physical habits. She believes that the Alexander Technique is a wonderful tool that

can help anyone to restore the natural ease and function of the body, as well as to increase mindfulness in all activities of life. Her piano lessons are infused with the technique of posture, arm placement, and expressive movement. 

Mariel and husband Shelby enjoy supporting the arts in Nassau County with their work with the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival and the Boys and Girls Clubs.