Peter Deane

Piano & Organ

Seated on the bench at the Amelia Plantation Chapel since 2005, Peter Deane is the friendly face so many locals and visitors to Amelia Island recognize at so many musical events.


Born and raised on the Caribbean Island of Barbados, Peter has continued the rich musical traditions of his Irish and Welsh ancestors. He began his musical training in Barbados under the auspices of The Royal Schools of Music, London, England. As an adult he continued his education at the Tanya Polunin School of Music in London. 


In the Bachelor of Music program, Peter studied organ at The William Tyndale College, Farmington Hills, Michigan. He has held numerous organist and pianist positions in a multitude of denominations in his career as a musician.


Peter has two children and four fabulous grandchildren. When he isn't practicing or teaching, you can find him playing in local pit orchestras.


One of his thrills of a lifetime was to attend an organ concert in the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.