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Ms. Tabitha joined AMS in 2021 to teach piano. She started playing when she was just 4 years old! Her education includes 15 years of private classical piano training. She has a degree in Business Administration and will soon complete another in Psychology.

Growing up, Ms. Tabitha had the same teacher from ages 4 through 19, the wonderful Dorothy Boguske-Mullkin. Her own teaching experience includes private schools, home school groups and private lessons.

Ms. Tabitha can prepare you to play solo and with diverse performing groups. As a young musician, she achieved the highest level in Missouri’s competitions for Sight Reading. By high school, she was the lead accompanist for all of the high school choirs and also a church pianist!

When she isn't working with her husband in their public relations firm, she is planning their next trip to find a state they haven't yet visited.

Ms. Tabitha’s advice for young musicians:

“Play the songs you love, but also work hard on the songs you don’t think you’ll like.

They can teach you a lot - and they might surprise you!"

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